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Heavy Diamond Jewellery Ideas for Wedding

Heavy Diamond Jewellery Ideas for Wedding

Wedding is all about a bride's trousseau. It is all about wearing various outfits and to go with it multiple pieces of jewellery. Over the years, the way weddings are conducted has changed rapidly and with it the fashion of things too. In the past months, we have seen top celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone getting married.

They were seen wearing some exquisite pieces of jewellery on their different occasions but the trend followed between them was almost the same. Some sported the Raani haar whereas the others went with a more choker bound look. This says a lot about the current trends. Raani haars in long chains and choker pieces are some of the favorites of our celebrities and that is what set the trend in this wedding season.

To follow up with the trend, the collection exhibits the chokers and the long chain pattern but in a heavy diamond embellished layout. The pieces are fine in their make and look really elegant in the full diamond finish given to them.

The diamonds are woven together in a sleek and prominent design going around in an ovalish long pattern. the pieces are paired up together to get a heavy look in the neck. They are also paired with other accessories like the earrings, the arm bracelet, maang tiika, nose rings and so on. The entire is put together to release a wedding look to put ideas in your head.

Heavy Diamond Jewellery Ideas for Wedding

The look in the first picture, as mentioned already is a diamond-studded arrangement of two neck pieces- One is a broad elongated choker matched with longish haar. The diamond theme is mix-matched minimally with ruby stones in the center of the choker designs and in a layered format in the long haar design. The same combination is followed in the drop earrings, and other accessories matched with it.

The second picture portrays a look similar to the theme followed in the first one- although, the difference is the broad filled design studded in diamonds converging to a huge green emerald pendant. The long haar matched with has side motifs with red rubies otherwise entirely made of diamonds. It has 3 different layers weaved in together.

The earrings are again the drop ones, with waist jewellery that has a tinge of pink contrast brought from the red rubies embedded onto it.

Overall the wedding looks displayed here look very rich and will make the bride look very royal and filled with elegance.

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