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South Indian Traditional Jewellery

India is an amalgamation of different customs and divided by parts. Each part has its own sense of pick on culture and art, especially fashion. Similarly, jewellery also sees a change when you from North to south or south to east. That is the beauty of variety and diversity. 

Today, in this blog post we will explore the jewellery adorned by the women of southern India. Gold is known to be their trademark and highlight of the pieces created in the south. South Indian jewellery is mostly gold-toned and the craft defines grandeur, pompous and something that is decently stunning. 

In the collection, present here, you will get the vibe of the traditional values of the southern part and also a variety of designs all crafted and manufactured in gold. One of the most prominent and famous types of jewellery among the south Indians is the kasu mala that has a very antique and vintage aura to it. 

South Indian Traditional Jewellery

The first look in the picture above has a mix of two neckpieces- a choker necklace and a long chain that branches out into two parts. Completely based out of gold, it boasts the designs that represent the southern culture. Firstly, the choker is a band with embellished gold beads and hanging drops on either side. The centermost part  has rubies in the purest form, and some intricate diamond detailing to create a contrast with the gold theme, 

Coming to the long haram just under the choker is more towards a battu mala chain with an extended arm of kasu mala themed long chain. The maang tikka and the hanging earrings have an extreme nakshi work that brings grace in the picture you see. 

South Indian Traditional Jewellery

.The second collection is a mix of gold and blue. The color royal blue submerges with the monotony and goes really well with the gold pattern. Again, the set has a choker, with an antique nakshi work bottumala. Along with all this, the choker is paired up with the blue drop beads and also the green emeralds around the long haram.

The kasu mala is designed with the traditional coin-like pattern to go well with the aesthetics of modern standard merged with the uniqueness to not be able to unattached with the south feel. 

The piece is also paired up with some long drag earrings, a nose piercing ring followed by an ext and the elongated mang tikka which steals the show.

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