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Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers

Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers
Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers
Kasu mala, for those who don't know, touches the roots back in the southern part of India. It is widely owned by the south Indians, especially in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Famously also called as Kasula Peru, originating from the Telugu language, is a combination of interlinked gold coins closely knitted together. It is considered to be very auspicious considering it reigns back as Goddess Laxmi's favorite ornament. If you are an ardent Bharatnatyam follower or have seen it being performed, you might recollect where you must have seen or heard about the Kasu Mala.
Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers
The various designs are exhibited for different tastes. For someone who likes the pendant style with a traditional value to it, the Ram Parivar pendant Kasu Mala is for them. The authenticity of a Kasu mala in all its customary look and feel is the Kasu mala with Pota rubies. The red droplets emerging from a gold scape design balances out a subtle at the same time a fancy look.
Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers
Born in the south, Kasu Malas are today, trending over the boundaries especially in the North. There are a lot of designers and actors showcasing the remarkable fusions for this mala. Here, we have a summed up collection of Kasu Malas, from the designer label- Omprakash Jewellers. A varied listing of their designs offerings is elaborated moving further on.
Kasu Mala Designs by Omprakash Jewellers

In line, we have the emerald Kasu Mala, Kasu mala with Pota rubies, Kasu Mala with the Ram Parivar pendant and the gorgeous peacock Kasu haram with rice pearls. Each of the designs has incorporated an unconventional traditional blend amalgamated in the Kasu mala theme. 

All these are the evolved versions of Kasu Mala to suit the current trends. Though they blend very well with the modern aesthetic requirements. Another example is the colossal Peacock Kasu Haram, that also comes paired up with Jhumka earrings. This one is designed for fancy occasions where you would want to plan your overall look to a little on the heavier side. The specialty of the design is that the entire snazzy feel is toned down by the intricate placement of rice pearls.

Kasu Mala is definitely an unexplored option worth trying out if you are looking to put together a unique yet traditional look. 

For more details on the collection you can get in touch here: 
Omprakash Jewellers, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad
PH: +91 98494 19800

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