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Grand Kundan Heritage Sets by Sabyasachi

Grand Kundan Heritage Sets by Sabyasachi
If there is one person ladies can vouch for and blindly follow his take into Indian Jewellery and trousseau, then that is undoubtedly Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Sabyasachi's way of looking and introducing his designs at par with trends is commendable and to the lack of words, out-of-this-world. Seasons come and go, but the creativity that lies in his offering is fresher with the newer collections. There is no two opinions before saying that he is a magnanimous trendsetter in the scale of Indian traditional Jewellery having styled big names like Deepika and Anushka

This time he has tapped on the most favorite of the kind, coming straight from the Jaipuriya culture. Yes, we are talking about Kundan. Kundan is overtly popular to give the pleasure to feel royal and remarks a sense of grandeur. Unveiling the Kundan heritage collection from this prestigious boutique, it has once again proven the epitome of class and sensibilities through these designs
Grand Kundan Heritage Sets by Sabyasachi
The most special thing about his collection including this is the manner in which he blends the traditional ethnic jewelry with the modern aesthetics leaving no room for it to ever be passe. 

The collection entails the Polki necklaces and the Guttapusalu haram, that are in great demand today. Living by the true sense of subtlety, and in retrospect talking through just the design, the models in the pictures are styled in the minimalist of approach. The reason why just designs are talking here!
Grand Kundan Heritage Sets by Sabyasachi
Grand Kundan Heritage Sets by Sabyasachi
The long earrings paired up with a heavy Kundan choker are available in the tones of pink and green. Each distinctive of one another, but in line with the theme of 'Kundan Heritage'. The models are styled in the most modern way creating a contrast with these exquisite pieces layered on them. The striking of all is the multi-layered choker plus long neckpiece. The long elaborate designs of latkans falling through this drop-down necklace is in variance with a tight 2 slim layer choker piece. The look is completed with a multilayer short pair of earrings that dynamizes the finished look. 

Each of the looks is paired up with a big summery pair of glasses to give it a chic finish. Although the pink-tinged choker piece gives a mixed vibe of summers or the flowery-laid out season of fall. Both ways it works equally well. The designs boast the Maharaja and Maharani's heritage era. 

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