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Latest Jewellery Sets by SRJ Fine Jewellery

It is great to see women with confidence and sass. Powerful women who believe in running the world, are emerging and how! For such women, who believe in breaking ideocracy and norms, we have something for you. 

Cutting through the usual collection, we have some unique pieces lined up with this collection- only for you! Cause, we know, we need change even though it is still trendy and in fashion. The collection is inspired by colors and a vibrant theme. 

It's the latest collection from SRJ fine jewellery. 

Latest Jewellery Sets by SRJ Fine Jewelry

The necklace shown below in the picture is all kinds of new and will spring in some fresh air into your wardrobe filled with the regular stuff. The pink and gold, in their element, has a very peppy yet ethnic feel going around it. 

The necklace is designed in a way that it has two layers of similar pattern, which makes it look quite heavy and fancy. The chain is accentuated with a beaded run over. The gold chain is interlinked with cylindrical long coral beads interlinked with small diamond patterns. The necklace is quite universal and is likely to go with western wear and traditional attire. 

Latest Jewellery Sets by SRJ Fine Jewelry

The next one is a gorgeous piece that is most definitely to leave you awe! I mean just look at the picture. There is so much work and stones went into it that is difficult to distinguish or dissect it by the materials. Overall, the entire look that this necklace gives out is outstanding and incomparable to most of the trendy necklaces existent today. 

It is called guttapasalu and is made entirely of gold. A long chain with detailed gold and stonework assimilating to a pendant that has a miniature god carved right in the center. With an extensive gold work, there are pink rubies, green emeralds, and rice pearls used to design this beautiful masterpiece. 

Latest Jewellery Sets by SRJ Fine Jewelry

If you are looking for something as grand as above but in a simple scape, then check out the mango necklace showcased above. The design is also extensively in gold with an amalgamation of rubies, green emerald, and south sea pearls. Like the above, this one is also colorful and has a god pendant right in the center. Though what is unique about this one is that it is quite lighter in finish and design from the above. So, if you in for something sober and elegant that's what defines your choice. 

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