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Traditional Jewellery by JCS Jewels

We are back with kasu mala and kundan. If you are a regular visitor here you know how fond we are of these traditional kinds of jewellery which almost in non-existent in promotions today but there are so many women who prefer them over the latest cliches. 

To just put things in perspective, kasumalas are widely used in the south. They are designs that typically have a gold coin like segments closely knitted together to form a necklace. 

Following the traditional themes but adding a very trendy touch to blend it with modern aesthetics, here's some unique traditional jewellery collection by JCS Jewels. 

Traditional Jewellery by JCS Jewels

Before we delve into what this necklace is made of and how the design flows- we would first like to draw your attention to the brassy feel that this piece has which reeks a beautiful vintage vibe. The design seems very new and likely anything similar is ever seen. The kasumala theme is paired with kundan work that's where south meets the north. It caters to all the people who like to experiment with traditional and modern pieces. 

The kasumala flow is broken by big peacock miniatures all made in gold and ends up at a huge pendant. The pendant is designed with rubies, and green emerald and again has a peacock design on it. The small golden beads at the bottom and the pears at the top also goes really well with the entire flow. 

Traditional Jewellery by JCS Jewels

Kundan is said to be a kind of work that has a very powerful and meenakari feel to it. This necklace follows that pattern where most of the designs are like carvings and has thick walls. The theme of the entire piece is gold and thus all the carvings are made on it. It really tells a lot about the craftsmanship' appeal on this piece. In between, there are slight embellishments of precious stones with a big green emerald at the pendant that brings about the necessary change. This kind of work is called nakshi work and the piece is called nakshi kante. 

Traditional Jewellery by JCS Jewels

The kasumala is back with a distinguished perspective and feel with the piece showcased above. The beaded necklace with so many golden bead-like structures placed very closely with a bordering of kasumala. A big rangoli designed pendant right at the center with pink rubies again bordered with kasumala styled coins- This is what defines the entire design structure of this piece.  

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