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Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

We have already been brimming over so much of diamond these days cause ladies don't we love diamonds! They are the kind of stones that are never to go out-dated and can be paired with literally any kind of outfit. It looks sleek, stylish and more than anything defines elegance.  

The kitty is not yet full- yet another awe-striking diamond collection is here for you. The collection is presented by Manepally Jewellers, who have been sharing nothing-but some exquisite pieces all this while. 

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

This entire set reeks grace with the decently mid length neck-piece matched with the earrings, ring, and bangles that follow the same theme. The tones of the set are set to minimization with just diamond taking most part of the layout with a tinge of green emerald.

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

Our model, Anany's hands look dazing in splendor with the pair 2 set bangles all in diamonds. One of them is a chained sort of design with tiny diamonds imposed over it. The other one complements the first one due to its contrasting work. The green emerald based ring brings that color shift in the entire look. 

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

Here's another glimpse to the entire look. The drop earrings have green drop beads and emerald top layered with diamonds. 

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

After the emeralds, its the rubies turn. The diamond layout is constant in the above look too, but this time distinguished by a pink ruby instead of emerald. The earrings are linear, with a choker necklace and a long pendant piece with lines of chains designed with diamonds. 

The unique idea of this pair-up is the choker looks so modern and westernized whereas the long chain piece is overtly ethnic and traditional. The balance of both work out the magic.  

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

If you are someone more into glitzy jewellery that is more of fancy and shiny, then you can set your eyes on this one. The diamonds layering varies in sizes which balance the glam quotient of this piece. The choker is a strappy chunk of bigger diamonds that undoubtedly look stunning with especially the green emerald drop. 

Models in Diamond Sets by Manepally Jewellers

The heaviness on the neck is balanced out with sleek average length earrings that are not too big but decently designed. They bring the subtlety in the whole mashup. Again, this look is also a mashup of modern and ethnic aesthetics. 

If you have loved our picks above then yes you can blame us to spoil you with so many choices. Well, don't we deserve that!

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