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Polki Necklaces by Nikitha Linga

Today, we're going to talk about the Polki work since this collection from Nikitha Linga is all about that. This post is reigning directly from the Mughal era. That is where the Polki word took birth. It is the most specific form of jewellery. The neat craftsmanship with the minimalistic design yet so convincing and striking is the intrinsic quality of the Polki work.  

It basically is another name to uncut or rose-cut diamonds that are not wide enough but of a very regular size. They are rounded mostly and thus, they do not sparkle much saving you from the extra glittery effect. It is a cost-effective way to incorporate diamonds in jewellery. Most popularly it is used in jadau sets, kundan etc. 

Now, let's look at what Nikitha Linga has in store for us in regards to the Polki work. 

Polki Necklaces by Nikitha Linga

Floral polki necklace with emerald drops 

The color scheme of this necklace is green. It has green emerald drops with floral design. On the flowers, we have huge uncut brilliant diamonds imposed on it. The flower borders are made with small finely cut diamonds, The base remains gold since it complements well with the green emerald and diamond finish. It is not a choker yet not a long one, the size is very traditional. 

Polki Necklaces by Nikitha Linga
Polki necklace set with mango design 

A vibrant yellow theme is the central idea of this design. Though the yellow is not from the stones like other designs it is the gold that sparkles in yellow in its truest form.  It is called the mango designs since a major portion of the creative is in the mango shape. The yellow and diamond feel is contrasted with little droplets of green emerald. 

Polki Necklaces by Nikitha Linga

Ruby floral necklace with jhumkas 

Dream-catchers! That's the first thing that comes to your mind by looking at this necklace. A mesmerizing color combination of pink rubies with glittering diamonds, the necklace has a charm of its own. The earrings are in total coordination with the necklace in terms of design only thing being that they are designed in a jhumka form.

The highlight of this collection is the use of different colors in each of the designs making it so refreshing and most suitable for the on-going summer season. Especially, because the color theme is towards the lighter side of the scale and thus, making it even more attractive.

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