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Moissanite Stones Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

Diamonds are a girl's best friend although it comes at a very hefty cost. Especially for a fully diamond decorated jewellery, it digs a deep hole in the pockets. But today, we are moving so fast in terms of trends in jewellery that along with new styles and innovations, we also have inventions contributing to making jewellery available to everybody. 

One of the innovations is the moissanite stone. It is an alternative to diamonds used widely across the jewellery making industry. Although there are quite a few differences between diamond and moissanite, it is still difficult to distinguish between the two through a layman's eye. Moissanite has a very glaring and shiny look just like the diamond. Although these are stones that are rarely discoverable today, that is why they are prepared in laboratories. 

Now that you have a quick sneak-peek about it, let us introduce you to the Moissanite Choker collection by Premraj Jewellers. 

Moissanite Stones Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

What would you prefer more- small cut stones or bigger stones in your piece? We know the answer already but you are afraid to get an itch in your pocket, but not with this moissanite stones choker piece. The stones used to embellish this gold plated necklace are big and studded in a design that gives out a very royal feel. The gold pops out with an intricate design woven around the bigger pieces of moissanite used here. Again, the color is brought in by using the green emerald drop beads. 

Moissanite Stones Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

If you are looking for chokers that are not very broad as most of them are designed and has a subtle feel to it, keeping the richness alive, this should be your pick. Again, a beautiful design teamed up well with moissanite stones. What works really well here is that moissanite tends to have a little yellowish tint which diamonds don't, thus, it goes with the entire creme and beige look especially elaborated by the south sea pearl drops.  

Moissanite Stones Chokers by Premraj Jewellers

The above picture gives you a closer look at the same piece described above. It highlights and gives a clear picture of the size of the big stones used in the piece. People who love minimalistic jewellery that is a combination of a westernized trend with a tinge of ethnicity, you sure are to fall in love with the piece.  

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