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Navaratan Stones Pendants by Satyanarayana Jewels

We all have heard about the 'navratnas'- their significance and the meaning behind each of them. Similarly, we have the navaratans - as the name suggests, it breaks down into the nine different gemstones that exist in a combination. It is considered to be very sacred and known to have a religious lineage.

Navaratan Stones Pendants by Satyanarayana Jewels

These gemstones when they come together look very beautiful and thus, initiated the pieces of jewellery adorned by the nine gemstones. We have some beautiful glimpses of the same in today's collection by Satyanarayana Jewels. The collection contains different styles of pendant holding the Navaratans together in one design. For people who love gemstones, we have a bonus in the form of a bracelet embellished with the gemstones too.

The first comes in the category of temple jewellery since a similar theme is followed in it. The pendant has a goddess Laxmi miniature carved at the center. The pendant has a brassy look which gives a very vintage effect. The pendant has a kundan finish evident with the design and the way the whole creation is assembled. The stones used from the Navaratan are the pink rubies, green emerald, and diamond. The pendant has a very antique museum-ish look to it.

Navaratan Stones Pendants by Satyanarayana Jewels

The next one is an example of rare beauty. Like the title suggests, this one can be called the Navaratan pendant. The pendant incorporates all the nine precious gemstones all adorned in one single design- Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. All of them are put together in a way to make the pendant vibrant in terms of colors. They all are curated in a circular manner with one stone at the center. The center-most stone has a Ganpati carved on it which look very appreciable. 

The pendant is based on a golden layout which has a floral artwork and looks very trendy yet has that vintage vibe to it. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that can be paired with different kinds of outfits making it very versatile in nature. 

Navaratan Stones Pendants by Satyanarayana Jewels

Now that we have already shadowed lights on the pendant, its time to put your eyes on this exquisite bracelet which is also in line with the theme of the pendants. It also has the Navaratan as in the nine precious gemstones augmented on the golden bracelet- traditionally also called as Kadas.

If you want to explore more collection in gemstones you can check it out here. 

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