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Multi Layers Pearls Haram with Side Motifs

Multi Layers Pearls Haram with Side Motifs

It's all about pearls! And why not, it's the most soothing of all stones. Pearls have a very classy and sleek look to them. Ladies are known to be very fond of pearl jewellery at the time nothingness. Since it is known to go with almost every other formal outfit.

Here we have some traditional collection of neck pieces that are mainly based out of pearls combined with some other work to bring out the ethnic feel. Like the one in the first picture, has a layering of pearls accentuating the beauty of the necklace. Pearly whites are the central theme which is contrasted by a much kundan-y feel with the gold-based side motifs. The multiple layers are woven around with white beads which make the entire piece to stand out really well.

It is a piece that boasts of design beyond imagination. The pair up of the two opposite vibes work undoubtedly with a bang here. The motifs are also big and evident. They are studded with pink rubies, diamonds and have a peacock layer to it. Also, not to forget how the layering of pearls is matched around with grungy beads that form the centermost layer between the layers of white beads.

Multi Layers Pearls Haram with Side Motifs

This one is a very basic design, yet it has a very royal feel to it and an exquisiteness that is beyond explanation. The necklace is made of simple double-layered white beads sticking together to make the piece look heavier. What follows with these white beads is what brings the juxtaposition of different elements.

The huge circular pendant embellished with big diamonds rock looks very grand. To mix and match- there are rubies combined with it with a few stones of green emerald. What completes the entire setting and packages it really well is the white pears dropping down from the pendant.

Multi Layers Pearls Haram with Side Motifs

The last one in the picture is sort of an inverted version of the first one, that has a variance in it. There is no pendant yet it is designed with only multiple layers of white beads falling onto each other with a line of pink ones sprinkling some color pop into it. The side motifs are of the same designs in peacock shape based out of gold with pink rubies starked on them. What goes around the nape of the neck is layering of pears with grungy beads woven between them.

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