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Kasu Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

Kasu Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

If your trousseau is missing out on the KasuMalas, it is never too late to add them now. Especially, now is the time when we have a range of Kasumalas blended with today's trend that can add glam and traditionality to your wardrobe.

Following Kerala's trend of Kasumalas, the piece in the picture above is again an assembly of gold coins which is also the customary design of Kasumalas. It has a broader frame purely designed in gold. It will surely elevate your simple look and add that glamorous flavor to your outfit. Though the Kasumalas draw back their reigns to long long years ago, it has always been a form of timeless jewelry.

The flow of this Kasumala is such that there are 3 layers of gold coins assemblage placed one above the other, connecting their way to a pendant. The pendant is not a drop down one but it is interlinked within the scope of the necklace. The pendant is made with a design that incorporates god miniature followed by lovely peacock pair-ups. The embellishments are very minimal reduced to just a few rubies and drop down pearls.

Kasu Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

This one does not follow the typical traditional pattern of kasumala like the first one, but it has a variable design keeping the kasu theme in mind, but incorporating it with some ethnicity.  The necklace has a vibe that represents royalty and grandeur. The interlocking designs of the necklace have small peacocks carved in.

Peacocks are very common and celebrated work of designs in the pieces of jewellery from the south. Thus, the entire peacock theme is also followed up in the pendant. The gold coins, instead of interlinking them with each other are used here as drop downs from the necklace chain. The pendant at the center has a complete gold finish to it. The extended pendant is a huge layout studded mainly with rubies and a few diamonds and green emerald with hanging south sea pearls.
Kasu Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

The last one can be called a piece of symbolic temple jewellery made in a nakshi work. Nakshi work, known for its detailing and intricacy has carved in the Goddesses miniatures really well on both the pendant and the neckline chain. It also has some precious stones on it but the overall theme is very gaudy in gold with a brass outline on the pendant.

All these pieces are from the boutique of Naj Jewellery. For some more such piece, you can explore the other posts on this website.

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