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Multiple Layers Gemstones Long Chains

If diamonds, gold, emerald, and rubies are the only thing that one can think while discussing pieces of jewellery then they have definitely not gotten a chance to take a sneak-peak into the jewellery box of a woman. Especially, if a slight hint of gemstones is also missing then you are blinded to the best. 

Gemstones jewellery is the most sought after one and the most trusted of all. It is responsible to add that color bling to your collections and is popularly accepted as a piece of universal jewellery since it can go with a simple outfit and give an equal grace of that of a heavy outfit look. 

Here, we have a collection based on gemstones for you. The line is coordinated around long chains that can be worn around the neck for different occasions. There is a single color theme whereas a multi-color set to suit your preference. 

Multiple Layers Gemstones Long Chains 

Blue is the theme for this very first piece. It is a double layer necklace with multiple layers within each layer. It's quite a piece that puts itself out there, The blue sapphire beads used in multiple layers on the top and the blue beads used in the bottom layer teamed up with white stones make it a very trendy look. The best part about gemstones based jewellery is that it can be very well matched with western wear as well. This is also a piece that you can wear with multiple kinds of outfits. 

Multiple Layers Gemstones Long Chains

After the entire sea feels with the blue, it is time for some scarlet-y gules to add into this post. Yes, we are talking about the neck piece which has a stunning diamond-studded peacock right in the center of the pendant from which you cannot take your eyes off. The entire ruby theme with the glitz and glitter that diamonds bring in, on and on it makes it such a beautiful piece- as simply as we can describe it. 

Multiple Layers Gemstones Long Chains

If you are looking around to play with multiple colored gemstones and not just one this is the piece for you. This Navaratan stoned four-layered Kundan necklace has varied vibrant colored gemstones teamed up together in lines that accentuate the whole trendy and fresh feel of the piece. The colors used are also complementing really well with each other. The highlight is the usage of white stones as a neutralizer to not make it look very gaudy with colors. 

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