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Black Beads Sets or Diamond Mangalsutra

MangalSutra has a strong significance in the Hindu culture, it is derived from the Sanskrit literature, which means a holy thread. It is the most celebrated jewellery piece of a woman, especially a married one. Its design is also quite uniform. It is defined by black beads strings circling over the neck and joins with a pendant. 

However, the diversity in cultures in India has distinguished the thread in gold and other materials. It is an auspicious ornament of a married woman. More than the look, it is a piece of jewellery worn by women as a token of respect and love. 

Over the years, however, we have seen trends in Mangalsutra coming up, that makes it also a part of the look in the most stylish and classy way possible. For all the ladies out there, who love opting for Mangalsutra's that are trendy and have a vibrant look and feel, unlike the traditional vibe, scroll down to know more. 

We have a variety of Mangalsutra designs showcased here, to suit different choices. 

Black Beads Sets or Diamond Mangalsutra
The above piece has a thin beaded chain with black and gold beads adjoining a pendant at the center. The pendant is designed in pachi fusion work with two peacocks and abstract design. It is studded with flat diamonds with pink ruby in the center. South Sea pearls are also incorporated that bring out the pachi work feel from this mangalsutra. It is different from the regular gold pendants and has a very traditional fusion vibe to it. 

Black Beads Sets or Diamond Mangalsutra

The similarity between the three designs is only the gold and black bead chain otherwise the pendants really stand out from one another. This one is a full-diamond cut work pendant, making it glitzy and more towards the glamorous side. The design is very intricate to complement the incorporation of diamond cut works. It can be complemented with any outfit including fusion ethnic wear. 

Black Beads Sets or Diamond Mangalsutra

This in all its possibilities has full capacity to link with the earth. The big circular globe-like design is surrounded by involuted peacock shaped birds clinging on the glove. The entire pendant is completely diamond based. The center most having a huge diamond block while the miniatures having small diamond cut-pieces. It is for those who prefer smaller and roundish pendants in comparison to wider horizontal ones. 

If you have like the above, and are specifically looking to explore more Mangalsutra variants then you can check out some more here. 

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