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Pachi Work Trendy Sets by Nikitha Linga

A new week, A new Monday! 

If the Monday jitters are making you scroll more on anything but work, then we know you are here. But, what harm will it do, if you take out some while exploring the trends in jewellery? If you have taken so much effort to sneak out some privy time, we are not here to disappoint you! 

With this post, we are talking about Pachi work in the latest designs by Nikitha Linga. They are trendy, vibrant, and are magical in nature to turn out any outfit to be dressy and classy. 

As you might already know of Pachi work, the designs boast the fine quality of the same. Let's dive straight into each of the looks. 

Pachi Work Trendy Sets by Nikitha Linga

The first thing that attracts about this chandbali set, is the light pink hue subtlely matched with a cream pattern through gold and flat studded diamonds. The slight tint of green through studded beads bring that color splash in the beige theme. The south sea pearls hanging through the necklace gives a different dimension altogether to this piece. If you are someone into a simple and minimalist approach, then that definitely has the charm to fall in love with!

Pachi Work Trendy Sets by Nikitha Linga

Next, we have a maang tika with a Vermillion theme, considering red is the color splash used in this design whereas mix matched with flat diamonds. At the bottom, there is an amalgamation of tiny red and white beads. It has a lifted curve-ish design different from the regular flat motif. 

Pachi Work Trendy Sets by Nikitha Linga

We are back with the peacock theme! If this is exactly what you are thinking about looking at it. It might come across as the most common of all but it is the most popular and one that comes with grace and vigor. The long necklace has a golden netted lacy chain with a center pendant. The Pachi finish with minimal flat diamonds and gold carving designs is what defines the necklace. It again has south sea pearls hanging through the bottom. 

Pachi Work Trendy Sets by Nikitha Linga

With this, we bring what is called finesse and poise for you. everything in this piece, right from the color theme, to the design, the stones used, etc. brings out the sophistication and elegance one would prefer. The coral pink rubies, south sea pearls, the green emeralds- they are all in such a perfect blend to create the exact contrast. The highlight being the coral pink theme. 

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