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Shilpa Reddy Showcasing Krsala Jewellery Designs

Summer, as it is here and it is all about different bright colors with poppy designs and textures. It is time for loose clothes and more bright and intricate jewellery designs to suit the season. And you know what else is it time for? It is time to get updated on the new jewellery trends as we do the seasonal shift.

All the ladies out there who love jewellery and especially ethnic Indian ones, and like to stay updated with trendy collections, you are at the right place. We have a new collection for you. Coming from the designer house, Krsala Jewellery designs, it is just right for the current season. Introducing Shilpa Reddy, who is the designer too, can be seen posing here for her own collection.  

The first one, unique from the ongoing cliched traditional designs spread through the market, sets itself apart through its out-of-the-box pairing. The choker necklace that circles around your neck like a band, is differentiated with little dropping jhumkas falling through the ends. A nice mix of red emeralds and green beads and moti with a kundan twist is quite refreshing as a layout. Not to miss, the shield round huge tops in the same color scheme. On and on it is a rarely-seen pair up these days. 

Shilpa Reddy Showcasing Krsala Jewellery Designs
Moving on, we have the shielded designs continuing but this time in a choker layout. The circular-conical, yet rounded pops intertwined together as a choker is another one to look out for. You also see her sporting kangans on her wrist in a kada form. Overall, we see a green them being followed with jadau hints in the form of jhumkas or latkans from the neck piece.  

Shilpa Reddy Showcasing Krsala Jewellery Designs
Again the straight up design is blended with green beads dropping down. The earrings are pretty decent in size with jhumka feels to it. 

Shilpa Reddy Showcasing Krsala Jewellery Designs
For the gold lovers, here's a piece for you. It is all gold with very minimal color hue interference. This necklace sort of gives a very traditional south Indian jewellery feel especially due to the extreme gold layout with a center pendant bigger than the surrounding supporting layout. 

Shilpa Reddy Showcasing Krsala Jewellery Designs

The designs work top notch with the traditional lineage of necklaces. It is to suit all the generations, skin tone and looks. The whole collection is very universal in its approach and is likely to suit a wide range of audience into ethnic pieces. 

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