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South Indian Brides Trendy Diamond Jewellery

In Indian culture, the wedding is considered to be a grand event, especially for the brides to be. Ladies cannot let a single stone left unturned until they crack their perfect Wedding recipe. Be it their trousseau, location, decoration to their...Jewellery! One likes to keep everything in place and order and just don't want to go wrong with their look. 

Considering, the wedding season has just gone, it is time to look back at some of the smashing brides sporting exquisite Indian diamond jewellery. The focus is on the south Indian brides making a statement with the trendy South Indian Diamond jewellery encompassed in white gold coming from the big fat wedding jewellery collection. 
South Indian Brides Trendy Diamond Jewellery
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South Indian Brides Trendy Diamond Jewellery

The look above boasts the fierce women denoted by the purple saree with the golden blouse. It challenges a lot of customary ethics pertaining to style. A lot of us are grown understanding the fact that gold hues can only be paired with gold-toned ornaments and how white based can look completely mismatched with it. This look proves them all wrong standing as the best example of mix and matching gold with white based diamond jewellery. The Kanjeevaram saree with the thick gold border and sleeves defining an armor sits completely with the jewellery pairing. 

The diamond choker necklace stylised in the form of a center aligned pendant goes really well with the long dropping haar mostly in whites with a hint of red stones and a dodging green emerald right at the center. The earrings, maang tikka, and the kamarband are in coordination with each other in terms of stones and color pattern. The choker necklace stands out in contrast with the diamond set. The look, overall, sums up the contemporary modern south Indian bride. 

The next look, at its first glance, reminds me of the sun, that who is a symbol of light and truth, fighting any kind of darkness. The bride shines in the gradients of pink, yellow and orange. The hues are so pleasant and endearing to the eyes. What accentuates this beautiful look is the stunning piece of jewellery complementing the idea of sunshine. The neck is on the heavier side with a layered diamond necklace paired up with a wider choker piece. Like the first look, the green and red stone emerge out of the diamond layered landscape. 

All-in-all both the looks stand out for their exclusivity and uniqueness. 

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