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Antique Kasu Mala Choker by JCS

Jewelry traditions from the south are said to have complex designs with top class craftsmanship. One of the varieties of this is the Kasu mala. The entire concept of weaving out a piece of jewelry from coin shaped patterns is an art of its own. The kasu mala is also the widely used designs across the south. The trend has also reached various parts of the work which has led to make it a choice of a lot of women out there.

Like already suggested, today's collection is also filled with antique kasu mala chokers in designs you have never seen before and so unique that you ought to think about having one in your wardrobe. It is presented by JCS, known for their variety of designs and collection.

Antique Kasu Mala Choker by JCS

Peacocks are very common and celebrated work of designs in the pieces of jewellery from the south. Thus, the entire peacock theme is also followed up in this kasu mala. The gold coins, instead of falling down are vertically aligned with layers of borders on each side. The pendant at the center has a complete gold finish to it and is not separated from the rest. It comes across as an extended pendant with a huge layout studded mainly carved around like a net printed with detailed design structures throughout with rubies embedded on the pendant. 

Antique Kasu Mala Choker by JCS

The piece is a combination of extended choker necklace and an amalgamation with a decently long necklace. It looks like a different setup but it is a part of the same design structure.

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

Antique Kasu Mala Choker by JCS

The gold antique finish kasumala has a very traditional and graces in a very large size. The design has small finishing carved sleek design at the inner layer of the long set. Kundan adorned peacock pendant with embedded round shaped rubies, makes it to the temple jewellery list. The list to define this beautiful piece is long and never-ending. The entire look of the kasu mala is very flat based with sleek designs carved over it that makes it very graceful. 

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