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Diamond Heavy Sets by Mangatrai

In the world of the discovery of jewels and some precious stones, we are making the most of it to use them to craft artistic pieces and to combine them in a way to deliver some amazing pieces of jewelry. Pieces that woman can proudly boast of and that enhances their beauty and presence.

Out of all the available options, diamonds have always been an all-time favorite reason because it has been known to make jewelry pieces look rich and classy. A diamond set has a different approach and looks altogether. Here, in this post, we are celebrating diamonds in an innovative way. The collection is purely and entirely about diamond sets that are heavy and one can choose them up for special occasions like wedding and stuff. For bridal wear also these pieces would work really well. 

Diamond Heavy Sets by Mangatrai

The collection is presented by Mangatrai jewels as they boast about a heavy range of jewels made for just bridal wear and likewise all in diamonds. 

The set is breaking off the golden monotony and has an entire flat diamond based setting onto the necklace. The three designs are apart from each in an aesthetic sense and in other ways. It basically starts with a simple pattern with intricate diamond detailing and augmented with a sapphire stone in a rectangular structure. It further enhances itself with additional carvings ending into pearls drops. There is a sort of jhumka setting too on the pendant that eventually has pearl dropdowns. It can work as both necklace and a waistband. 

Diamond Heavy Sets by Mangatrai

Following the net trend and the center pendant design is the next one that is a beauty in its own self. The entire necklace band has a netted pattern to it with small intricate designs in the form of a white gold base. The pendant has a very lavish design layout in the sense that it has floral spoke patterns with leaves and other small intricate detailing that amalgamates into a very classy exquisite design layout. Green emerald is studded right in the center of the pendant. White pearls hang around the set from the end of the pendant. 

Diamond Heavy Sets by Mangatrai

The piece is a combination of extended choker necklace and an amalgamation with a decently long necklace. It looks like a different setup but it is a part of the same design structure.

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

The work is very notable and commendable in the sense that the design reeks of elegance and exuberance. The entire bridal set is so glitzy in nature with all the augmented diamonds and structures on it that it is difficult to skip on it. The choker piece and the earrings have a common setup of white beads attached inline strings in multiple layers put together. 

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