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Brides in Polki and Traditional Jewelry

Polki is a form of jewelry that basically is a kind of diamond. They are basically unfinished natural diamonds in their truest form hence the jewelry looks raw and the diamonds look big and are more towards a classic antique style. 

Since it is something that is extracted naturally from the earth and not through lab processes, it has a wide demand and stands at a costly price. This collection is all about brides showcasing their jewelry. The kind of jewelry falls in the range of polki finish necklaces or other traditional kinds of jewelry.  

Brides in Polki and Traditional Jewelry

The piece is a combination of a choker necklace and an amalgamation with a decently long necklace. The other set also showcased in the picture is on the similar lines in terms of matching up 2 pieces to form a complete bridal set.

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds and green emeralds boasting big fuller designs. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

The work is very notable and commendable in the sense that the design reeks of elegance and exuberance. The entire bridal set is so glitzy in nature with all the augmented diamonds and structures on it that it is difficult to skip on it.

Brides in Polki and Traditional Jewelry

The green beads and emeralds are the highlight of the piece paired up with other exquisite elements woven into a brilliant design. 

Next one is the Ramparivar haar matched with a long chain kasumala kind of design haar. The first necklace is in the mid-length format with bigger designs in gold and diamonds and some precious colorful stones and beads. The second one in comparison to the first is lesser and sleeker in the design scheme. It is matched with a waistbelt completely made of gold. 

The nakshi Jada also has a wider design to cover the entire Choti and looks gorgeous in its own sense. 

Brides in Polki and Traditional Jewelry

The last look is a well put look with highlighting diamonds and more towards the white scheme of colors rather than the gold finish. It is a match of a heavy choker necklace with a heavy long chain necklace. The choker is an amalgamation of green beads, green emerald, and polki diamonds whereas the long chain is only filled with studded polki diamonds. 

The mang tikka, jhumka earrings, and kamarband add that extra grace and overall gives a very exquisite look to the bride. 

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