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Lakshmi Haram Designs by Navrathan Jewellers

In this modern time, there are a lot of people who are still into the vintage collection with antiqueness to it. The archaic vibe is still very prevalent among people and are recycled in a fusion way in order to blend with the modern style but still rooted to reminiscence the beauty of history.

You'd be wondering why are we celebrating history in this post. There's a reason that you will make out by looking at the collections showcased in this post.

The designs are from Navrathan Jewellers wherein they are presenting the collection of Laxmi haram designs. The collection has 3 different set of neckpieces that defines elegance and beauty in their own little way. Let's have a look

Lakshmi Haram Designs by Navrathan Jewellers

Kasu malas are a trend from the south that has been living through years and is not going anywhere especially because of its charm and the overall antique looks its reeks. This one is a modern bend of kasu mala with the traditional coin interlinked designs matched with some intricate detailing designs. It is embedded with diamonds and a droplet green emerald right in the center. 

Lakshmi Haram Designs by Navrathan Jewellers

If you are looking for a blend of traditionality packaged in a modern trendy aesthetically driven necklace then this is the piece for you. The chain is a simple pearl chain with pearls linked to each other with golden dividers in between that has augmented diamonds over it. 

The center pendant has a very brassy feel to it which has goddess Laxmi carved on it in a manner that looks quite sculptures and antique pendant. The coin-like pendant has green beads and white beads attached to them as drop downs from below. 

Lakshmi Haram Designs by Navrathan Jewellers

Woven in rice grain beads all over the necklace band this piece of jewellery is a charm in its own way. It is a simple design which only has a pendant and a string necklace band going around the neck., The rice pearls interlinked with each other give a look that resembles a gajra. There are small golden rounded motiffs studded with colorful beads in between. The pendant right in the center has a Laxmi miniature on it with lavish intricate designs of gold around it finished with drop green and golden beads. 

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