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Fancy and Trendy Necklaces by Mangatrai

Fancy and Trendy Necklaces by Mangatrai

In life, sometimes we should look for change. The same goes for the jewellery collection we have. These days, jewellery collections have become so common for someone to not differentiate between the two. 

To tackle this we have a collection inspired by change for you. These are some fancy pieces of jewelry crafted to stand out if you add them to your collection. They are different in a way that the stones and work used in them are in an amalgamation different from a lot. They give you a different look altogether. 

The piece from Mangatrai is in a long chain concept with layerings in the fall of the necklace. The chain has multiple layers of emerald beads closely knit together. They merge into a heavy piece of the pendant with a work inspired by nakshi and kundan. The entire pendant is in 22-carat gold with work that stands out in terms of craftsmanship. It has a slight hint of traditionalism blended with modern aesthetics. The piece is proof of excellent craftsmanship. 

Fancy and Trendy Necklaces by Mangatrai

Moving ahead from the first piece this another one is in total contrast with the look from the first and is an aspiring beauty which one wouldn't think twice to own. The entire base is gold with studded flat diamonds all over it. What breaks the common pattern is the emerald translucent floral design over the choker. It can make its way to a bridal choker piece and can be paired with pastel lehengas. 

Fancy and Trendy Necklaces by Mangatrai

The purple sort of transparent drops adds that sleekness to the entire design pattern of the piece. To go with it there are jhumkas in a similar color scheme and stones match. It is a piece that defines beauty and has the potential to go with a lot of bridal outfits. 

Fancy and Trendy Necklaces by Mangatrai

Like we said before that the pieces we are going to talk about are only the one that will stand out, this is an addition to just what we are trying to say. By looking at the piece you come to know of its uniqueness in regards to the make and design aesthetics. The flat diamond layering over the golden base is broken with a contrasting purple ruby floral blocks going around the piece. It is popular for the dynamic colors and layout it has. 

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