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Rich and Grand Diamond Waist belts

This is the most avoided piece of accessorize but is also the one that completes the entire look. Yes, we are talking about the vaddanam. Especially, when one wears a saree, this is something that accentuates the waistline and finishes the look with a gleam that give you a feeling of covered in jewels from right head to toe. 

The collection of waistbelts we are about to discuss here all have a very grand and rich outlook that looks stunning with embellishments that are shiny and glittery and makes it stand out. 

Rich and Grand Diamond Waist belts

All the waist belts discussed here sort of having a similar patterned design with diamonds constituting the center of attraction and with hints of colorful stones. The first one is a layering of diamond studded design. The entire piece has an intricate detailing of structures that gives a very netted feel to it. The three prominent designs mask the bands with complete grace. The center of these has green emerald embellishment that brings out the color in the diamond-filled landscape.  

Rich and Grand Diamond Waist belts

The color combination and the stones used in the above waist belt is quite similar to that of the first piece discussed. But the difference is the entire design layout which is quite different. This one more of looks like a crown shape that has a band on both sides merging in the center with a pendant style lifted high with a crown shaped design. The diamonds are embedded in intricate styling with green emeralds studded in the centre and hanging as drop downs. 

Rich and Grand Diamond Waist belts

The last one is also in a similar fashion as the above but the difference is that the green emeralds are replaced with ruby stones. The colors and the designs used in these wait belts are such that can work as multipurpose jewllery mix and matches with any kind of diamond-based or stone based jewellery pieces. 

The first one is actually a 2 in 1 vaddanam that can be adorned as a waistbelt and also as a long chain necklace. The diamond vaddanams are exquisite in their make and are beauties that will highlight the waist line well giving you a complete bridal look in place. 

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