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Grand Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

Grand Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

Elegance is not defined by a lot of expensive materials put together for a design but its the aesthetic and the combinations that talks a lot about a jewelry piece other than what has gone into it while making it. This is the simple reason why most of the women choose simple yet effective designs over fancy stuffing any day.

Omprakash Jewellers are presenting their collection here that has combinations that run over each of these pieces. But what is extraordinary about it is the difference in aesthetics used to create unique outputs out of the same theme. All the sets are a combination of Flat diamonds embedded over some exquisite design structures that look grand and very elegant. 

If you are looking to set your wedding trousseau or you are looking to add some exorbitant sets to your collection to pick for different occasions then this might help. They are made with extensive craftsmanship that comes across very clearly just by looking at the marvelous pieces of work. 

Grand Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

Let's have a look at them one by one- 

Flat Diamond long chain

The first one is an elaborate set up combining different design structures and work that boasts traditionally and ethnicity. The most relevant and obvious work that has been seen in crafting this piece is the pachi style of work due to the augmented flat diamonds on the entire set. It is a combination of gold and diamond layout with peacock designs in the center. 

The way the gold and diamond work is combined is very appreciable and looks very effortless. The necklace also has contrasting elements by addition of green emeralds and rubies. The design also has golden beads hanging from the center pendant as well as the first layer of the necklace. 

Floral Flat diamond long set 

This one is very striking in its design and craftsmanship is another kind of traditional jewelry. The design is again based on intricate crafted thin line patterns like a net. The patterns are in a floral criss-cross and other ways combined together to give a very pleasing piece of jewel. It has a mid-length with an extended length of floral and other design elements. It has a golden bead hanging below it. The coral theme makes a part of the ruby embellishment on the florals.  The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color.

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