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Antique Pendants by Amarsons Jewels

We constantly try to keep you updated with the new designs trends in the jewelry market so that you are equipped with what's new and what will add the freshness in your wardrobe. We try to keep you in sync with almost all the trends including the modern as well as the antique or traditional kind of jewelry that is up in the list. 

One of the boutiques that have been constantly helping to bring out the latest collections for us to pass on to you is Amarsons Jewels. They have been constantly presenting collections that are rooted in different areas of the jewel industry.

The collection given here is their line up of the antique pendants that they are showcasing with the line. The collection consists of an entire set with pearls leading to an antique pendant and matching earrings. Apart from this, there are two antique pendants presented here. 

The entire piece is a very classy yet exquisite defining piece with pearls as the necklace band and following to a pendant that has a huge green emerald stone embedded right in the center, It has some diamond and ruby embellished structures around it. 

Antique Pendants by Amarsons Jewels

Going forward, a contrasting piece altogether different from Gattupusalu is the Laxmi haram golden brassy feel based pendant. It is an average sized pendant that has some exquisite design work with diamonds and pink ruby beads embedded on it as the falling band and with a center pendant that has traditional Laxmi miniature over it. The entire peace has a very temple jewelry feel and defines ethnicity in different standards. 

Antique Pendants by Amarsons Jewels

What is the most highlighting part of this piece? It definitely is the brassy feel that the entire piece has which balances the time between the vintage jewelry with cutting its way through the modernized trends. The Laxmi pendant with intricate detailing is quite evident and looks awe-striking. The pendant is surrounded with designs having pink ruby beads embedded on it. 

At the bottom, a combination of south sea and rice pearls are hanged at the bottom. The pendant also has slight hints of emerald beads and diamonds. 

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