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Half Moon design Nakshi Pendants

The best thing about jewelry is the exuberance it has to lift up someone's face and the entire look. It has another dimension altogether adding to somebody's appearance. Today, we have so many prominent works in the jewelry industry and variety of designs that woman swear for. 

Once again, to give you another dose of the latest trends in the jewelry we have collated different pair of Nakshi pendants that are in half moon designs. The pieces are finished with exclusivity and exquisiteness. They are blended with different stones and works to suit different choices. 

Half Moon design Nakshi Pendants

The first pendant is a gold and diamond mixed combination design. As per the theme he design is all like a half moon with diamonds embedded on it. The pendant also has a few streaks of augmented colored beads like green emerald and rubies that. The pendant has golden beads on the top as a part of the design structure and beads at the bottom as hanging drop downs.  

Half Moon design Nakshi Pendants

This pendant has a unique antique finish to it. The golden layout it has has a very brassy finish to it and thus makes it look very vintage and something belonging to the history. The design structure is also quite unique to relate to antique design aesthetics. At the bottom of the pendant, we have gold carved floral hanging drop downs. The half moon design that it has is studded with pink rubies in ascending order of sizes. 

Half Moon design Nakshi Pendants

This is in the category of temple jewelry since a similar theme is followed in it. The pendant has a goddess Laxmi miniature carved at the center. The pendant has a brassy look which gives a very vintage effect. The pendant has a kundan finish evident with the design and the way the whole creation is assembled. The stones used from the Navaratan are the pink rubies, green emerald, and pearls hanging as drop downs. The pendant has a very antique museum-ish look to it.

Half Moon design Nakshi Pendants

The pendant is based on a golden layout which has a floral artwork and looks very trendy yet has that vintage vibe to it. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that can be paired with different kinds of outfits making it very versatile in nature. It has diamonds jaded on to it and white south sea pearls hanging around the bottom. 

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