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Latest Jewelry Collection by Kothari Jewelry

Kothari Jewellery is a renowned name in exquisite hallmarked gold and diamond jewellery. They are known for their traditional and ethnic mix of taste in pieces of jewellery as they play with different kinds of precious stones like rubies, emeralds, etc and deliver a piece that boils down to every taste and liking. 

Their range is proof of trendy jewellery that has a mix of modern aesthetics blended well with traditionalism. So here we present you with a collection of their latest jewellery collection that includes necklaces and earrings that you can pick for respective occasions. 

Latest Jewelry Collection by Kothari Jewelry

The first one is an antique necklace that reeks of the vintage style and is a throwback to the era of royalty and cultural Belongingness. It is in the long chain format made of 22-carat gold and has a prominent design aesthetic that with heavy molded structures and so on. 

The chain is a well constructed conical shaped heavy Rudraksha implemented a design that merges into a pendant well crafted with peacocks and a coin in the center that has a godly pattern. 

The piece is crafted with gold as base and embellished with rubies and green emerald beads. It also has white rice grains and golden beads hanging that defines ethnicity. 
Latest Jewelry Collection by Kothari Jewelry

The next one is very different from the first one mainly because it is a flat based design which is not the case of the first picture. It is basically a single layer short necklace with smaller golden patterns interlinked with each other woven around the neck. What follows is the hanging drop designs embellished with rubies and flat diamonds. The look is completed with hanging south sea pearls. 

Latest Jewelry Collection by Kothari Jewelry

The last one breaks the golden monotony and has entire flat diamond based earrings. The three designs are apart from each in aesthetic sense and in other ways. It basically starts with a simple patters with intricate diamond detailing and augmented with a blue stone in a droplet structure. It further enhances itself with additional carvings ending into pearls drops. 

Lastly, it completes itself with a jhumka at the bottom filled with cut diamonds intrinsically designed to get that glitzy look. The jhumka also submerges and converges with pear drops hanging at the bottom. It is very unique in its taste and stands out with the trends. 

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