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Simple Pendants and Studs in Diamonds

This collection comprises of simple pendants and studs that you can pair up with different outfits. They can be worn together with a white gold plated chain or with just a  gold chain in different ways. 

These are some fancy pieces of pendants and earring tops from Manjula Jewels, crafted to stand out if you add them to your collection. They are different in a way that the stones and work used in them are in an amalgamation different from a lot. They are all embellished with diamonds and paired up with rubies and other colorful beads or stones to give a peppy yet ethnic look. 

Simple Pendants and Studs in Diamonds
All the three pieces of jewels have kind of a similar design structure with the variety in terms of usage of beads and pearls. Like, the first one- the image consists of 3 different kinds of pendants. The attributes are similar in terms of the diamond embellishments in the three of them with a center pendant. One of them has a green emerald in a droplet form in the center whereas the other two has a pink ruby block. The pendants also have south sea pearls attached around them in shape of spokes. 

Simple Pendants and Studs in Diamonds

Following the spokes trend and the circular pendant design is the next one that is a beauty in its own self. The earring tops are in floral patterns with intricate embellishments of cut diamonds. The floral shape of tops is bordered with light pink beads cut in a rose shape. The earrings look quite fresh and pretty in the color choice they are in. The pink and diamonds combination goes so well together that it can highlight up a lot of western outfits when paired up with them
Simple Pendants and Studs in Diamonds

The last one is another pop of color merged with the diamond landscape feel. It is an embellished piece made of 22 carat gold with leafy design in a circular pattern. Flat diamond pieces are augmented on the leaves. This also has spokes feel in continuity. The spokes here are in the form of red coral beads surrounding the entire top. Overall it is a dainty piece of earrings that will look very cute with any kind of outfit. 

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