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Peacock Antique Sets by Shankarlal Jewellers

If you must have noticed then peacocks have always been an integral part of the design structure in Indian ethnic pieces of jewelry. It is the most common yet very effective design within pendants and lockets that are widely used by the craftsmen.  One of the reasons is also that the bird itself defines grace and beauty and is the national bird of Indian culture. 

The collection presented here includes a variety of antique necklace sets all having peacock as their central element of design structure. The collection is brought to you by Shankarlal Jewellers.
Peacock Antique Sets by Shankarlal Jewellers

This one is magnificent in its design and craftsmanship is another kind of traditional jewelry. The design is again based on intricate crafted thin line patterns like a net. The patterns are in a criss cross net and other ways combined together to give a very pleasing piece of jewel. The entire choker has a bigger pendant sort of a thing.  The pendant is embellished below the choker necklace. It has white small beads hanging below it. The maroon theme of the necklace comes out through the red ruby beads and the golden beads embedded on the choker piece. The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color.
Peacock Antique Sets by Shankarlal Jewellers
If you are biased towards antique looking exquisite jewelry that keeps up with the modern trend yet stands out in the cultural aspect then this is the piece you should look for. It is a heavy piece with most designs that stand out from the flat base layout. 

It has a brassy feel to it a uniquely crafted chai with hanging drops of gold structures. The center pendant actually defines its antiqueness more with peacocks hovering along the side of this piece with pink beads embedded on it.
Peacock Antique Sets by Shankarlal Jewellers

What is the most highlighting part of this piece? It definitely is the brassy feel that the entire piece has which balances the time between the vintage jewelry with cutting its way through the modernized trends. The simple yet special detailing in the chain is quite evident and looks awe-striking. The peacock chain and the Laxmi pendant has a beautiful oxidized gold peacock decorated along with green beads, flat diamond, and some rubies.

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