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Peacock Emerald Sets by Premraj Jewellers

If you must have noticed then peacocks have always been an integral part of the design structure in Indian ethnic pieces of jewelry. It is the most common yet very effective design within pendants and lockets that are widely used by the craftsmen.  One of the reasons is also that the bird itself defines grace and beauty and is the national bird of Indian culture.

The collection presented here includes a variety of antique necklace sets all having peacock as their central element of design structure. The collection is brought to you by Premraj Jewellers.

Peacock Emerald Sets by Premraj Jewellers

The necklace, shown in the picture above reeks a multidimensionality personality that includes traditional aspects combined over some fine jewelry tricks to overall present a cocktail look that can go well with any outfit. The necklace starts with a diamond embellished designed string that finally merges into the start of the choker that has peacock facing designs all over it as the first layer and then some floral patterns embedded with rubies in the center as the bottom-most layer. 

Peacock Emerald Sets by Premraj Jewellers

The picture of a choker necklace with a complementing design structure of gold and diamonds. The choker has interlinked patterns with floral structures in between and green emerald stones within these floral links.   The choker is entirely embellished in diamond settings with south sea pearls hanging at the bottom.

The specialty of the necklace is the studded green emerald right at the center that steals the show with its color contrast scheme. The south sea pearls also hang on the topmost layer of this choker necklace and have peacock designs that end up in a south sea pearl.

Peacock Emerald Sets by Premraj Jewellers

If you are looking for a break from gold and other metallic chains, then this is a breather for you. The choker incorporates green emerald stones linked with each other. The multiple layering is what works really well especially with the broad pendant. Following the theme of this post, it has a kundan pendant layered that has goddess Lakshmi carved in the center where drops a hanging locket embedded in pink rubies. The green and diamond combination works really well with this piece. 

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