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Traditional yet Trendy South Indian Long Chains

It is another post with another set of collection of jewelry that will leave you mesmerized by the work of art and the design that the workmanship boasts of. We have always been very up to date with presenting a collection of jewels that are never seen before or something that has been in trend up these days. 

It has always been an effort to put forward the best of collection before you to keep you equipped with the latest jewelry trends and design work. Today, in the spotlight we are bringing you the trends right from the south. The collection boasts about the traditional jewelry trend that is upmarket in the south of India with a fair demand from the rest of the world too. 

Traditional yet Trendy South Indian Long Chains

The collection involves only long-chain patternised jewelry in different traditional and cultural setup. The long chain is an entire set paired up with earrings. It is an amalgamation of 22-carat gold with the traditional south Indian style of work. The line up of patterns are very ethnic and are purely in gold and diamond with a slight hint of green emerald laid over. The mang tikka and earrings are also matched in the same ram Parivar design pattern. 

Traditional yet Trendy South Indian Long Chains

What is so ravishing about this piece is the color scheme. The color tones of this piece is in the mix of greens, pinks, gold and with hints of diamonds. The theme is very interesting in terms of its layout. The design structure is purely in gold finish with a slight vintage touch paired up with embedded green emeralds. The pink scheme comes from the rubies that are layered with such grace. The green beads hanging over the pendant and slightly over the entire piece also brings in a refreshing feel. 

Traditional yet Trendy South Indian Long Chains

If you are looking for something fancy and towards a heavy style that immediately pushes up your entire wedding look, these are the ones you would really like. The set has a traditional south Indian style mango mala and a guttapusalu. The long chain has some unique detailing in terms of design with a decently thick band of chain with florals rounded shaped patterns and so on. It ends with an exquisite pendant that has peacocks and a lavish design to it. They are embedded with rubies, emerald stones diamonds etc. 

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