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Trendy Bangles from Navrathan Jewels

Lately, we have been posting a lot about the collection from Navrathan jewels. They are into traditional jewelry, fine jewelry based out of gold and they have also been known to experiment and putting together exquisite pieces of jewelry with a combination of precious stones, diamonds blended over some fine Indian work and craftsmanship. 

This time we have a collection of trendy bangles from Navrathan Jewels that boast about the ethnicity and proper Indian cultural jewelry in its own way matched with embellishments of precious stones. Let's take a look at the collection one by one and see what's in store in terms of the make for each of them. 

Trendy Bangles from Navrathan Jewels

The first one in order is a purely 22-carat gold augmented bangle that has a very simple yet mesmerizing design. It is a combination of two elements design-wise, one is the green emerald bordered elegantly with cut diamonds and the other is a floral design with droplet diamonds carved onto it. The floral structure also has a slight hint of red with the red beads right in the center. Overall, the bangle is very classy and has a finish that can suit a variety of styles. 

Trendy Bangles from Navrathan Jewels

The specifics of this kundan bangle is the gold layout with different shades of green beads, pink rubies, and flat diamond embellishments. The band layer has flat diamonds and green emerald studded in the band.  Overall the kundan feel has a very classic antique look to it. Since it is kundan it has very prominent designs that can go with any traditional look you style for yourself. 

Trendy Bangles from Navrathan Jewels

If you are looking for something simple and yet very elegant in its approach this band kind of design of the bangle has a very minimal finish in terms of embellishments and design. The layering is very simple in terms of diamond blocks embellished in bigger pieces followed by a match of the intricate detailed design of peacock shaped miniature. 

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