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Beads Jewellery by Musaddilal

Beads Jewellery by Musaddilal

The collection in this post is a little different or you can call it contrasting pieces of jewelry different from the rest.  The collection presented by Musaddilal involves a series of necklaces that includes golden embedded kasu mala styles and beaded necklace style. 

The specialty of the necklace is the studded green emerald right at the center that steals the show with its color contrast scheme. Now let's put a glance on the long chain necklace. The necklace has a sleek one wide layer band with netted and interlocking designs fully made of gold.

The highlight of the design is the kasu mala style given to the piece with triangular-shaped some sort of pattern carved over it with a mesmerizing design full of golden beads set crosses. The necklace has multiple layers with beautiful side motifs having peacock design and god miniature paired up in a very enticing way. 

The second necklace is divided into two different layers each carrying a similar element but in a colorful way. The three layers are such that the first one is a golden beaded pearl layer followed by a side motif and then merging into green beads and followed by pink stones. Overall it is a very sleek looking yet elegant design.

Beads Jewellery by Musaddilal

It is a dual set having a choker piece followed by a beaded necklace. The color theme is centrally woven around pink with hints of gold and cream. The choker has a very brassy look which contrasts well with the big beaded pink necklace in double layers. 

Pachi work is basically on the lines of a cuff which is a hard material necklace supported well with a golden base. The necklace holds stones like diamonds, pink rubies, green emerald and cream round beads. The floral drops hanging from the choker necklace has its expression of its own layered with ruby beads and centered with a diamond. 

The long necklace is a multi-layer design to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with pink beads and south sea pearls in creme. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

It also has beautifully designed side motifs that have a hint of green from the beads and pink ruby stone embedded in the center of the motifs interlinked on both sides. 

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