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Polki Chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

The collection presented here includes a variety of necklace sets all having cut diamonds as their central element of design structure. The collection is brought to you by Satyanarayana Jewellers boasting the polki work as common craftsmanship spreading across all the designs. It includes designs you have never seen before and so unique that you ought to think about having one in your wardrobe.

It is a package of different varieties of chokers in different style, all embedded with big flat diamonds which is the basic concept of polki style necklaces. These necklaces usually have a very bold design pattern that has huge design structures that are very evident and as a whole look very prominently and accentuates the entire look you plan to put together. It also comes from the boutique of Satyanarayana Jewellers that are also very known to introduce us to a variety of necklace trends.

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Polki Chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

The specifics of this necklace is the gold layout with elements involving gold and diamond entirely. The band layer has flat diamonds and polki diamond layered in the band. The necklace has minimal elements blended together in a layered design format. Overall the huge blog design feel has a very classic antique look to it.

The unique idea of this pair-up is the choker looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The necklace is an amalgamation of flat diamond set up in droplet or leaf-shaped design structures. Followed by diamonds put in a collage layout that enhance the entire look of the choker piece
Polki Chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

The design structure and the elements used to craft out this necklace is almost similar to the first piece but the only difference being that instead of layered cuffed choker this one is a little loose choker with a center pendant. 

The basic design of this necklace involves a netted layout scheme involving very collage themed diamonds embellished in floral and adjoining designs. The pendant dropping from the center is quite similarly chalked out. The pendant and the necklace have drop golden beads falling from the bottom of the necklace and the pendant. 

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