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Coral Beads Necklaces by Hira Panna

Today, the collection is an inspired collection woven around a single theme. The theme like the other posts that involves various kinds of work or jewellery marking a particular time and so on is not the case this time. This collection is designed around a particular color scheme. 

Coral, as a color has been prevailing since a long time but has come to notice in recent times with all due credits to the fashion industry. The collection showcased here is all about coral beads and pearls that is the basic element of design in all these necklaces. The collection is presented by Hira Pana Jewelers. 

Antique Trendy Long Chains

These kind of necklaces are very much in trend these days. It is great to pull off a subtle look yet very impact fully. It is basically a thin chain with a broad huge pendant in the center. The chain is not a single layered chain but an amalgamation of golden small beads with white and coral pearls in between.

The pendant in the center following the coral theme also has coral beads hanging from the bottom of the pendant. The design includes peacocks in brassy feel and a green emerald stone augmented in the center of the pendant that creates a contrast from the coral theme and there are some diamond embellishments too.

Antique Trendy Long Chains

This variety of necklace is quite different from the first one in a way that it is a single layer beaded necklace that goes around the neck and does not have any pendant or so. The beads are also designed and combined with various color schemes and patterns to create that ethnic effect yet construing to the current theme.

There are basic 2 different beads that form the entire chain in repetition of settings. It involves a coral bead with patterns on it then involves pears followed by a golden and green beaded rounded ball sort of design. Each of them are interlinked with each other through gold designs that hold them together. 

Antique Trendy Long Chains

The next in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of coral beads in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up in different layers interlinked with each other in a combination such as multiple red beads. It is a very simple and decent beads necklace piece that can be matched with any outfit. 

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