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Pretty Diamond Hangings by PMJ

Pretty Diamond Hangings by PMJ

With the surge of necklace posts on our website, we thought of bringing you something else in the range of jewelry accessories to traditionalize your look or to give you aid to form your look on your own in a way to pair up what's in store in this collection with your choice of necklace. 

The collection includes a range of different kinds of unique earring pieces amalgamated in different style and stones to suit varied choices. It is brought to you by PMJ Jewellers who have been constant in showcasing their latest trends in jewelry with us. To check them out click here. 

The first one is a beautiful pair of earring that involves a color theme and has a subtle inclusion of chandbali style but overall designed together to put out a unique set of earrings. It has a blue scape all around it with beads dropping from the bottom and a blue meena work sort of chandbali in the center. 

The jhumka at the center of this earring also includes a touch of blue. The earring is a mashup of blue beads with small rice pearls in coordination. It also has a diamond work on the top and the bottom from where the beads hang. 
Pretty Diamond Hangings by PMJ

After the coveted color theme of blue, we have yet another famous color theme used in jewelry trends these days is green. The theme of the next earrings in line is this. It is a long drop earring in a straight pattern to enhance any look it gets paired up with. 

It has more of green through the green beads put in layers as a center horizontal line and at the bottom as drop beads. The earring also has white beads dropping from the earring over small dainty golden jhumkas. The slight hint of diamonds here and there work their magic very extensively on this entire design structure. 

Pretty Diamond Hangings by PMJ

Last but not the least to this varied collection of earrings come these top style earrings that are basically rounded shape in the center with diamond embellishments. Around it, there are green beads plugged in as floral petals. 

Overall it follows a striking combination theme of green drop beads and diamond setting that is very pleasing to the eyes and has a very remarkable feel. 

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