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Diamond Layer Long Sets by Radhika Jewellers

It's a day for Radhika Jewellers because they have recently brought out a line up of different collections showing some of their exquisite work in different categories to provide a warm-up to your jewelry collection. You must have already gone through their varieties of the diamond collection posted along and now we have their exquisite choker collection for you. 

The reason why we call it exquisite is the kind of craftsmanship that has gone in making these unique pieces are beyond any questions. You will automatically understand what are we saying and will make sense from it once you go through these ones by one. So let's have a look at the trendy choker sets with flat diamonds by Radhika Jewellers. 

Diamond Layer Long Sets by Radhika Jewellers

This piece is an amalgamation of two themes bound together to carve out this excellent piece of craftsmanship. The two prevailing themes include gold and diamond as the central ones. Most of the prominent designs are carved out of gold whereas diamonds are a part of the intricate design detailing that binds the entire set together. 

The long necklace is divided into 3 layers that consist of two kinds of floral designs one having a rounded border and other not interlinked with each other. It also has white pears hanging at the bottom and a center layer filled with interlinked emerald stones. The specialty of the necklace is the studded green emerald right at the center that steals the show with its color contrast scheme. Now let's put a glance on the long chain necklace. The necklace has a sleek one wide layer band with netted and interlocking designs fully embedded in diamonds. 

Diamond Layer Long Sets by Radhika Jewellers

This set is a unique mix of ruby beads and huge flat diamonds embedded. It has a unique design that shows a unique combination of elements. The necklace goes around the neck with multiple layering of rounded shaped design. The end of these layering shows a striking start of a design that has rounded structures embedded in rubies elegantly linked to diamond set embellishments. The necklace patterns are big in size diamond pendant consisting of big flat diamonds on it. 

The layers also consist of ruby stones augmented on it. It also has netted themed diamonds augmented patterns hanging from the bottom of the second layer. The design structure of the pendant is such that it has a rounded structure in the center with two florals in the extreme ends joined together with diamond blocks. 

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