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Flat Diamond Trendy Choker and Haram

As much as you like to go through the latest trends in jewelry all the time is why we love to collate the latest trendy sets and showcase here to keep you updated. Be it the heaviest of pieces to just a mang tikka's latest collection we always strive to cover each niche of jewelry collection to present you with the best. 

Today, the collection is towards the heavier side, which includes sets that are a pair up of chokers and long-chain haram. The main idea of these sets is that they are embellished with flat diamonds and are the trend of the season in choker style necklace or haram. 

Flat Diamond Trendy Choker and Haram

It is a sort of a loose choker in a broad layer design to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers. The picture of a choker necklace with a complementing design structure of gold and diamonds. The choker has interlinked patterns with floral structures in between and green emerald stones within these floral links.  The choker is entirely embellished in diamond settings with beautiful droplet design. 

The slight hints of green emerald with a beautiful scape of patterns and designs made out of studded diamonds is what accentuates the look of this piece. 

Flat Diamond Trendy Choker and Haram

If you are into shiny pieces of jewelry made out in the fancy of diamonds and gold with hints of other precious stones to add a slight hint of color then this one is just what you can think of. It is a long haram necklace with huge patternised blocks of gold crafted around diamond embellishments in huge numbers. It is a perfect combination of gold and diamonds gelled up together to craft an exquisite piece with white rice beads hanging from the bottom. The color of the green emerald stones pop out from the design structure. 

Flat Diamond Trendy Choker and Haram

This one, in particular, has been made in kundan work and has embellished diamonds and other colorful beads on the design. What works really well with this choker is the amalgamation of south sea pearls with pink ruby drop beads that overall accentuates the look really well. The huge block designs of a collage shape made over the central layer with gold embedded in diamonds look really elegant and rich. It is a pump of colors because of the amalgamation of green emerald stone, south sea pearls, and pink ruby beads embellishments. 

These are some of the sets that will go great with bridal sets and are made to chalk out some heavy looks. If you want to explore some more collection that suits well with bridal outfits then you can check out some other varieties here. 

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