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Heavy Diamond Sets by Sri Mahalaxmi jewellers

Imitation jewelry might have their pros about being pocket-friendly and design-heavy but will never be able to compete with the elegance that gold and diamonds bring to the table. Their charm is something that is unique in their own way. Especially when the diamond-studded pieces made out of gold are combined with precious stones wrapped up in traditional Indian jewelry work, they have a scale that cannot be touched upon.

Sri Mahalaxmi Jewellers have showcased their unique diamond and gold sets combined with rubies and emeralds and churned out some beautiful pieces that are purely eye candy.

Heavy diamond set by sri mahalaxmi jewellers

They are all embedded in diamond settings and has a make rich in ethnicity and rooting traditional jewlery. Let's have a look at these pieces one by one.

The mid-length necklace is an outlay spread of diamond embellishments all over the necklace with a pendant of floral-shaped just as the earrings that are also in the same design pattern. It has a spread of diamond detailed work with pink rubies embedded in the center of the necklace and the earrings. The necklace also observes drop south sea pearls at the bottom of it.

Heavy diamond set by sri mahalaxmi jewellers

The necklace, shown in the second picture reeks a multidimensionality personality that includes traditional aspects combined over some fine jewelry tricks to overall present a cocktail look that can go well with any outfit. The necklace starts with a diamond-embellished stiff choker designed string that goes around the neck. It also merges into a pendant at the center of the choker that has beautiful intricate designs embedded with diamonds on it. The choker is designed in such a manner that the top and bottom rounded layer is joined by strings of thin diamond chains. 

Heavy diamond set by sri mahalaxmi jewellers

Overall the necklace is mainly designed with diamonds, south sea pearls hanging at the bottom with glimpses of emerald stones in a rectangular shape 

The last one also follows the patterned designs presented in the first and second piece with ruby being the color adding the element in this piece of jewelry. 

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