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Grand Diamond Chokers by Vajra jewelry

If there's one accessory that gets attention and highlights the entire look it is the necklace. It is an important style or pattern and hence an essential part of the outfit you plan to surround your look with. But what leading this season in the necklaces is the Kundan style. It has a royal feel that grabs a lot of eyeballs when worn. Leading celebrities were spotted wearing Kundan sets on several occasions. This trend has also seen evolved in terms of adding value to it through our traditional design works.

From minimal diamond-embellished sets to dramatic traditional work like pachi or polki to Kundan versions, all these are the latest trends in polki diamond sets that one can wear to a wedding and nail it. The collection of grand diamond chokers is presented by Vajra Jewelry. 

Grand Diamond Chokers by Vajra jewelry

The design structure and the elements used to craft out this necklace is almost similar to the rest of the pieces but the only difference being that instead of layered cuffed choker this one is a little loose choker with a center pendant.

The basic design of this necklace involves a netted layout scheme involving very collage themed diamonds embellished in floral and adjoining designs. The pendant dropping from the center is quite similarly chalked out. The pendant and the necklace have drop cream pearls and ruby droplets falling from the bottom of the necklace and the pendant.

Grand Diamond Chokers by Vajra jewelry

This exquisite piece of the choker is a pretty impressive design that comes from Vajra jeweler's collection. It is an amalgamation of two color schemes each defined by diamonds and ruby stones. Both the layers are broad and wide hence carving out a piece that is huge altogether. The first layer is a collage work of huge flat diamonds put side by side with each other. In a similar fashion, the bottom layer is designed with the only difference that instead of diamonds they have ruby beads. 

It is not easy to find just the right pair of choker necklace that has a mix of elegance and highlight your neck in just the right mix. These are the some that make you fall in love with the brilliance and intricacy of the designs.

Grand Diamond Chokers by Vajra jewelry

This piece is an amalgamation of two themes bound together to carve out this excellent piece of craftsmanship. The two prevailing themes include gold and diamond as the central ones. Most of the prominent designs are carved out of gold whereas diamonds are a part of the intricate design detailing that binds the entire set together. 

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