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Large Stone Polki Bridal Necklaces

Polki work is basically necklaces that comprises of raw cut huge diamonds woven together in a style. These diamonds are called polki because they are directly extracted and are not fine tuned while using them. They look really pretty because of the bold outlook that they have when comprised them into a design. 

This collection is all about the brides who want to go all diamond for their special day. It is a collection of large stone polki necklaces suitable for bridal occasions. The work looks quite simple but yet has a great impact design over the entire style. 

Large Stone Polki Bridal Necklaces

The above necklace has a very simple outlay that looks very subtle but the huge polki diamonds augmented on the set bring out a feel suitable for brides to wear on their ceremonies. It has a rounded kind of structured each embedded with single cut diamond pieces. 

The rounded structures are interlinked together are based on 22 carat gold. It has a very fine jewellery kind of feel and purely white theme which makes it perfect to pair up with a whole lot of outfits. The earrings matching to this set are also jhumkas with a huge floral top also embedded in polki diamond. 

Large Stone Polki Bridal Necklaces

The first was a very even patterned polki work whereas this set is more towards a messy uneven sort of design structures woven with each other to assemble a remarking look. It has huge piece of diamonds in uneven triangular shapes paired up with smaller stones. 

The specialty of this entire piece is woven out of the huge pendant that it has that carries a floral structure with a center embedded precious stone. The stone is a huge ruby pink stone that brings the color into this white scape of necklace. The earrings are also vertically single layered embedded in huge diamonds. 

Large Stone Polki Bridal Necklaces

The last one has a very antique finish to it specially because of its design and the collaboration of thick uncut huge dimaonds in a way that it gives a glimpse of a tribal feel/ The earrings are also in collaboration to the necklace. Overall it gives a very royal feel with its unique blend of ethnicity combined with traditionalism. 

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