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Polki Diamond Emerald Trendy Earrings

The modern woman loves to experiment with her style and especially when it comes to jewellery and accesories she knows exactly what she wants and teams up things according the occasion and mood. One of the most common trends these days are to style up a traditional outfit with just the earrings and leave the neck bare. 

It looks really elegant and enhances the entire facial structure. Today's collection is about just the earrings. Here is a collection comprising of varied earring sets are designed around polki diamond work and the likes of it. Let's have a look at the collection one by one. 

Polki Diamond Emerald Trendy Earrings

The entire earring has a very subtle feel to it mostly because of the simple design and the most usage of whites in the form of elements used to craft this diamond embellished pendant. The pendant is filled with cut diamond embellishments matched with green emeralds in floral patterns. 

It has a leaf like design in a floral form with a green emerald droplet shaped bead in the center and surrounded with diamond embellishments as a outer layer. Followed by diamond cut augmentation on the borderes of this deisgn. 

Polki Diamond Emerald Trendy Earrings

The above picture is in the polki work style that can be paired with almost any colored outfit or material. It basically has a big messy round design emerging out a plane line strip embellished with huge uncut diamonds which is the theme of this post. The tops are a beautiful dots with huge diamond piece followed with a floral structure ending on the heart-shaped design. The diamond layering is broken with a strip of golden borders studded on the earring layer  The look completes with the diamond woven around the entire piece of earring. 

Polki Diamond Emerald Trendy Earrings

The unique idea of this pair-up of color looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The earring is an amalgamation of golden bases set up with green emerald stone in droplet shape mainly. Followed by the exquisite cut diamonds embellished on it with a hint of pink from the ruby bead in the center floral layer. 

It is quite trendy and classy since it has a blend of westernized modern influence in its design structure. It can go with a range of cocktail dresses to mark a perfect look. 

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