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Light Weight Long Diamond Haram

If you are someone who avoids wearing heavy sets and prefer opting for simple light designs then this collection is suitable for you. The collection is all about different necklaces that are embellished in diamond settings and are in a long format mostly and extremely lightweight. 

The necklaces do not have a very heavy pattern that will bow down your neck instead have a very simple design. The necklaces come with matching earrings. The sets are in dual themes- one is embedded in green emeralds while the other has rubies. 

Light Weight Long Diamond Haram

The entire necklace has a very subtle feel to it mostly because of the simple design and the most usage of whites in the form of elements used to craft this diamond embellished motifs. The side locket is filled with cut diamond embellishments matched with green emeralds in floral patterns.

This necklace by its first look has such a royal feel to it with the kind of design layout structure it has. This is ideal because of the grand pendant right in the center connecting to the necklace chain that is a layout of interlinked beads. The chain starts with an intricate design patterned chain out of gold and diamond and converges into 3 layers of green beads.

It finally lands up to two side motifs on either side that has like the first layer in line with the chain and from it the side motif drops which has a wide scape of diamonds complemented with green emerald embellishments and south sea pearls hanging at the bottom. With it paired are drop earrings which are also in a 3 layered emerald diamond combination set.

Light Weight Long Diamond Haram

It is a sort of a loose choker in a broad layer design to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded with diamonds. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers. The picture of a choker necklace with a complementing design structure of gold and diamonds. The choker has interlinked patterns with floral structures in between and pink ruby stones within these floral links.  The choker is entirely embellished in diamond settings with beautiful droplet design of the matched earrings. It also has patterned white finished beads hanging in the center of the droplet shape.

The slight hints of ruby stones with a beautiful scape of patterns and designs made out of studded diamonds is what accentuates the look of this piece. 

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