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Antique Pretty Pendants by Balaji jewellers

There is a different feel to jewelry that represents an era and is a throwback to the golden period. Why are we getting nostalgic you wonder? Because antique jewelry has a charm of its own and still looks really elegant when paired up with different outfits.

This collection is also one that has all the antique-looking pendants. It only consists of a variety of pendants that has a brassy feel to it and are an amalgamation of various elements consisting of precious stones. The collection is presented by Balaji Jewellers. To see their other collection on the website click here. 

Antique Pretty Pendants by Balaji jewellers

The pendant is a beautifully designed one with peacocks and a v-shaped pattern embedded in beads. It has white south sea pearls hanging below it. The maroon theme of the necklace comes out through the red ruby beads and the golden beads embedded on the pendant. The entire pendant has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color. 

It basically has a top layer of design which is interconnected to another pattern from the two extreme sides. The central element is pink ruby beads embedded throughout with a slight hint of green emerald. 

Antique Pretty Pendants by Balaji jewellers

What is the most highlighting part of this piece? It definitely is the brassy feel that the entire piece has which balances the time between the vintage jewelry with cutting its way through the modernized trends. The Laxmi pendant with intricate detailing is quite evident and looks awe-striking. The pendant is surrounded with designs having pink ruby beads embedded on it.

At the bottom, a combination of south sea and rice pearls are hanged at the bottom. The pendant also has slight hints of emerald beads and diamonds.

Antique Pretty Pendants by Balaji jewellers

The pendant just by one look at it gives a very flamboyant and royal feel. It has a very bold design involving bold carving designs made out if gold throughout the pendant in a 3D structure format. These carvings are bordered with green beads layering at the borders. The pendant is a two-layer design with a horizontal structure and a droplet themed pendant dropping from its center. Both the layers have a combination of golden mesh beads and white south sea pearls hanging from the bottom. 

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