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Polki and Kundan sets with sea pearls

The collection presented here includes a variety of necklace sets all having Polki diamonds in Kundan style as their central element of design structure. The collection presented here boasts the polki work as common craftsmanship spreading across all the designs. It includes designs you have never seen before and so unique that you ought to think about having one in your wardrobe.

It is a package of different varieties of chokers in different style, all embedded with big flat diamonds which is the basic concept of polki style necklaces with sea pearls. These necklaces usually have a very bold design pattern that has huge design structures that are very evident and as a whole look very prominently and accentuates the entire Kundan look you plan to put together.

Polki and Kundan sets with sea pearls

The color scheme of the necklace in the first picture is pink paired up with diamonds and golden layout. It has pink ruby beads with a sleek design. It includes a set that has a broad choker necklace entire covered with nakshi net design made of gold and diamonds in pair with rubies embedded in the center.  The base remains gold since it complements well with the ruby and diamond finish. The choker is basically divided into two different layers.

One is the cuffed band that has some exquisite setting of gems right from rubies to green emeralds and finished with diamonds. The necklace extends with hanging drop designs of gold that has further drop downs of pearls, a heavy pendant that has an antique look to it.

It also has matching earrings with the set in a similar kind of layout embedded in green emerald at the center of the hanging and ruby at the center of the top of the earring. Rest is surrounded by polki diamond setting.

Polki and Kundan sets with sea pearls

This piece of jewelry is an example of the boutique's craftsmanship and proof to the creativity of the artisans from this boutique. The necklace is purely based out of green emerald beads and paired infusion with a diamond-studded and matched with pearls design structure. The floral marks that form the bottom layer grace with the huge green emerald stone right in the center of it surrounded by cut diamond pieces. There are different layers of beads on the piece and thus makes this long chain a stunning piece made of some precious colored stones.

It is more of an ethnic look with traditionality intact through the usage of elements to craft this exquisite piece that comes with matching earrings. The earrings also have a layout in the similar color scheme with a green bead dropping from the bottom. 

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