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Polki Bridal Necklaces by Jatin More

Polki Bridal Necklaces by Jatin More

This collection presented here by Jatin More is for all the brides who wish to go totally ethnic with their look with a touch of Midas to their jewelry. These pieces are made out of Polki diamonds in Pachi work. They are exclusive and have a look of their own. Let's look at the sets one by one.

The necklace is designed in a beautiful setting of all these elements to deliver an exquisite piece. What adds dimension to this piece is the hanging designs from the choker. They are elaborate and bold. It includes rock patterned embedded in diamonds with white beads and green pearls. The mix-match of the color pattern looks ethnic and has a very beautiful feel to it.  There is a layout spread of cream beads that form the chain of the necklace with the design starting from the center.

Polki Bridal Necklaces by Jatin More

The jewelry game goes according to the occasion and the style you plan to put together. If royal classic is your style then the set in the above picture should be your pick. The entire choker theme-driven necklace is a straight hard based piece covered as a landscape filled with polki diamond covering all over it. It balances the overpowering diamond scape with embellishments of diamonds by combining it with green emerald, diamond beads with drop beads at the bottom of the piece.

It has a broad necklace with adjoining small designs combined into one whole piece followed by a pendant. The colors come into this piece through south sea pearls hanging at the bottom with triangular diamond stones matched with it.

Polki Bridal Necklaces by Jatin More

This one is very striking in its design and craftsmanship is another kind of traditional jewelry. The design is again based on green emerald beads in multiple layers. It has a  choker length with an extended bead forming the turnaround the necklace with a huge pendant like the extended layout at the center. The pendant has big flat diamond embellishments as the design structure in Polki stones in the center.  It has south sea pearls with small green rice pearl beads hanging below it. The green theme mixed with big flat diamonds looks really new and refreshing. The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with emerald beads and stones to give a slight hint of color.

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