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Polki Pearl Necklaces by Amarsons

Elegance is not defined by a lot of expensive materials put together for a design but its the aesthetic and the combinations that talks a lot about a jewelry piece other than what has gone into it while making it. This is the simple reason why most of the women choose simple yet effective designs over fancy stuffing any day.

The collection presented here includes a variety of necklace sets all having cut diamonds as their central element of design structure. The collection is brought to you by Amarsons Jewellers boasting the polki work as common craftsmanship spreading across all the designs. It includes bridal jewelry designs you have never seen before and so unique that you ought to think about having one in your wardrobe.

Polki Pearl Necklaces by Amarsons

The combination of diamond and gold are worked together in a pachi layout. The broad choker has a wide layout of pachi work with embedded rubies. The approach is quite strong to put together this design which says a lot about the craftsmanship. The curvy structures blended with green emerald mostly and diamonds are together attached to in a broad layout. 

Polki Pearl Necklaces by Amarsons

The next one follows a similar pattern, with all the broad straight up band-like design structure. However, what distinguishes it from the above is the big craftwork displayed in comparison to the piece above. It has a combination of pink rubies and green emerald embellishments. At the bottom, you have round hangings each packaged with white pearls and emerald and ruby beads with diamond layerings. 

The entire piece is a very classy yet exquisite defining piece with pearls as the necklace band and following to a pendant that has a huge green emerald stone embedded right in the center, It has some diamond and ruby embellished structures around it. 

Polki Pearl Necklaces by Amarsons

It is a very sleek and exquisite design that involves a great spread of diamond embellishments all over the necklace in combination with green emerald beads and stones. The choker also has a very beautiful design theme with a green emerald and golden structures amalgamated with diamond embellishments in a floral shape. The choker has a drop of emerald beads and rice pearls in a design structure that has its own charm with the netted themed diamond-embellished design. A green emerald pearl each lies at the bottom of the choker arrangement in a very unique setting layout.

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