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Polki Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash

Polki Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash

If there's one accessory that gets attention and highlights the entire look it is the necklace. It is an important style or pattern and hence an essential part of the outfit you plan to surround your look with. But what leading this season in the necklaces is the broad diamond layered style. It has a royal feel that grabs a lot of eyeballs when worn. Leading celebrities were spotted wearing diamond sets to several occasions. This trend has also seen evolved in terms of adding value to it through our traditional design works.

From minimal diamond-embellished sets to dramatic traditional work like pachi or polki to kundan versions, all these are the latest trends in polki flat diamond sets that one can wear to a wedding and nail it.

Omprakash Jewellers presents its range of two necklaces that involves flat Diamond and Polki work.

Polki Flat Diamond Sets by Omprakash

The jewellery game goes according to the occasion and the style you plan to put together. If royal classic is your style then the set in the first picture should be your pick. The entire haar theme-driven necklace is a straight hard based piece covered as a landscape filled with polki diamond covering all over it. It balances the overpowering diamond scape with embellishments of diamonds by combining it with green emerald, diamond beads with drop beads at the bottom of the piece.

It has a broad necklace with adjoining small designs combined into one whole piece followed by a pendant. The colors come into this piece through green beads hanging at the bottom with golden beads paired up with them.

The color scheme of the necklace in the second picture is white and cream paired up with diamonds and golden layout. It has pink ruby stones with a sleek design. It includes a set that has a broad choker necklace entire covered with nakshi net design made of gold and diamonds in pair with green emerald embedded in the center.  The base remains gold since it complements well with the ruby and diamond finish. The choker is basically divided into two different layers.

One is the cuffed band that has some exquisite setting of gems right from rubies to green emeralds and finished with diamonds. The necklace extends with hanging drop designs of gold that has further dropdowns of pearls, a heavy pendant that has an antique look to it.

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