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Polki Kundan Big Bridal Chokers

The jewelry selection is the time where different women have different choices and various style preferences. The range of styles that the jewelry industry has reached has also touched a mark where there are millions of choices to choose from. 

Especially, for the brides to be there are various trends this season that we are ought to get confused to pick the best among the best. There is a variant totally dedicated to traditional and ethnic jewelry that is prevailing from years and eons whereas there is a parallel trend of fine jewelry which is also quite in demand these days. 

This collection presented here is for all the brides who wish to go totally ethnic with their look with a touch of Midas to their jewelry. These pieces are made out of polki diamonds in kundan work. They are exclusive and have a look of their own. Let's look at the sets one by one. 

Polki Kundan big bridal chokers

Looking for something grand in the jewellery, this set is just a synonym to the words like grand and royal. The choker set is a beautiful band that goes around your neck with a lovely design. The band is made of some heavy work combination in rounded polki diamonds interlinked with each other. In between, there are rectangular-shaped diamond embellishments that just steal the show. 

The choker band is extended with drop designs that are in a droplet-shaped with white pearls hanging through them. The droplets also have a huge diamond studded in the center. Overall, the necklace also has a color tint in them in the form of green and blue beads in slight embellishments over the design. It is also matched with long earrings also in the polki setting. 

If you are confused between opting a choker or a long necklace then why not go with both? Confusing it might sound, but yes this trend exists. The above picture displays a beautiful choker themed necklace with a design that drops extending the choker to a long necklace. The necklace comprises of a choker band embedded with interlinked polki diamonds merged with pink ruby beads. 

The necklace is designed in a beautiful setting of all these elements to deliver an exquisite piece. What adds dimension to this piece is the hanging designs from the choker. They are elaborate and bold. It includes rock patterned embedded in diamonds with white beads and green pearls. The mix-match of the color pattern looks ethnic and has a very beautiful feel to it. 

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