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Long Ear Cuff Jhumkas in Polki

Jewelry trends change at the speed of the light. In a blink of an eye, something may get passe whereas a completely new fashion in jewelry may take its place. Today, we are stressing on the growing trend of highlighted earrings. These days a lot of outfits are pulled off just by pairing them up with statement earrings.

In the trend of a statement earring, the latest one to gain popularity is the long ear cuff jhumkas that are almost spotted on every celebrity over various occasions. These earrings are heavy as necklaces and bring a different look to the entire face. The collection presented here is on the same lines with the heavy work of polki in it.  

Long ear cuff Jhumkas in polki

The earrings presented in the first picture is an example of a beautiful setting of polki diamonds in a pattern of its own. The earrings are cuffed through the ear with floral patterns and a peacock hint by the bottom. It also has cream south sea pearls hanging at the bottom. 

With the cuffed earring there are layers of chains with beads tuck to the hair that adds great dimension to the design of these earrings. 

Long ear cuff Jhumkas in polki

The above picture is in the polki work style that can be paired with almost any colored outfit or material. It basically has a huge ethnic design emerging out of polki embellished with huge uncut diamonds which is the theme of this post. 

Long ear cuff Jhumkas in polki

The earrings are extremely long touching the shoulder and start right from the beginning of the top of the ear. It has jhumka style line going over the ear with a huge rounded structured top with embedded diamonds. 

The top extended to a drop jhumka with layers of hangings adjoined with a straight-up design. All these patterns are embedded with diamonds and surrounded with white beads and pearls to accentuate the look. 

Long ear cuff Jhumkas in polki

The earring has a Mehendi design ethnic pattern studded right at the block of the ear. It is embedded in diamonds throughout the piece. The earring is cuffed over the ear completely. It has drop jhumkas with golden and white beads. The contrasting structural form of straight-up jhumka with loose hanging patterns look really good when combined together. 

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